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WordPress Manual

Getting started

Preparing a new article

  • Prepare the article using the Word Template which you can download from the following address:
    • Assign the style “Heading 2” to the headings in the article
    • Footnotes need be added manually. First, add a number in the running text, on the location where the note should appear. Next, add the same number and the text of the footnote as a separate paragraph within the section labelled “Notes”. Also add a bookmark to this footnote using “Insert” > “Links” > Bookmark. In the window that appears, you are given the possibility to name the bookmark. Finally, move back to the reference to the note in the running text and add a link using “Insert” > “Links” > “This Document” > “Bookmarks”
    • The table in the template can be used to capture the captions for the image. The table needs to be copied and pasted for each image that you want to include in the article. The images do not necessarily need to be added to the document.
  • Once the full text of the article is copied into the template, save the document as “Web Page, filtered (.htm)”. Open the saved file in a web browser (Chrome or FireFox). In the browser, choose “Save page as …”. Overwrite the existing file. The latter step is needed because of certain issues in the way in which MS Word saves HTML files.
  • Next, open the saved file in a plain text editor such as notepad, so that you can view the HTML code of the article.
    • In the code, search for the tag ‘<body>’. Remove this tag, and everything that comes before this tag.
    • Search for the tag ‘</body>’ (the same tag, but with a forward slash preceding the tag name). Remove this tag and everything that follows this tag.
  • Upload all the images that you want to include in the article to the Media Library of WordPress. This library can be accessed via
  • Create a new blank article via the following link:
  • Under “Add title”, enter the title of the article.
  • Under “Issue Data”, provide the volume number, the issue number and the date of publication.
  • Click on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner. This will open a new menu. Under “Editor”, select “Code Editor”
  • Copy and paste the HTML code of the article in the text field underneath the title.
  • Switch back to “Visual Editor”. The article can be laid out using the icons at the top of the text field.
  • Add all the images to article using the “Add Media” icon. The image must be inserted in the first cell of the table that contains the caption.
  • Click on “Publish” to save all your changes. If necessary, the “visibility” can be changed to “Private”.